Advanced Organisational Review System


  • No Authentication

    (may or may not by employees)

  • Voluntary Review Platform

    (generally used for negative concerns only)

  • No Validation

    (visible to public without organisation's approval)

  • Incident based review

    (low improvement frequency)

  • No concept of Performance Score

Traditional Organisational Review


  • Authenticated

    (only by the employee)

  • Mandatory Review Platform

    (both negative and positive reviews)

  • Validated Reviews

    (visible only after organisation's approvall)

  • Continous review

    (enabling real time improvement)

  • Certified performance score

Talentiro Organisational Review

Smart Performance Review System


  • Fixed review frequency

    (half year, yearly)

  • One or two way review

    (Upward and downward)

  • Textual reviews

  • Employer based platform

    (Within the organization)

  • Organization based report

  • Appraisal & Performance Review are same

Traditional Performance Review Approach


  • Customised frequency

    (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, project wise)

  • Complete 360 degree review

    (Upward ,downward,peers and third party)

  • Star based reviews

  • Employee based platform

    (can carry forward with next employer)

  • Organizational & industry based report

  • Appraisal is based on Actual Performance Review

Talentiro Performance Review Approach