Performance Management System

Deliver high employee performance with reinvented Performance management System Client review and employee survey to improve company performance Smart goals setting and predefined parameters with Customized KPI 360-degree feedback with continuous performance management Decisive talent management system

“Help your employees grow and flourish in your company by implementing smart talent management strategy that gives your employees the most concise, clear, and actionable performance management system. Talentiro comes with one window solution for the Continuous performance management, 360-degree feedback, 1-on-1s performance analysis space and performance appraisal to address ambiguities and opportunities. Talentiro talent management system is simple yet strong enough to get you the best performance reporting for your company”

Deliver high employee performance with reinvented Performance management System

Client review and employee survey to improve company performance

360-degree Real-Time performance review on Customized KPI

Smart goals setting and Predefined parameters

Decisive performance measurement

360 Degree Feedback by Talentiro

360-Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback plays a pivotal role to addresses ambiguities and opportunities, help employees to understand their strengths, prioritize areas for improvement, and plan actions. Our most rewarding individual and comparative reporting support the managers to get best out of his team, creating a Team spirit by finding new scope of learning and new opportunities.

Talentiro’s 360-degree feedback is a reinvented four-way comprehensive talent management approach.

Talentiro’s Four-way 360 review approach:

  • Real-time Review from every level of employee being manager or peers gives an insight into the real performance and skills of an employee from a team perspective.
  • Simplified Self-review of own performance by the employee.
  • Customer review is added advantage to appreciate or improve the team’s performance through the direct feedback from clients’ end that makes Talentiro a selling product which provides a result-oriented review methodology.
  • Internal employee survey and external client review on predefined parameters with smart performance reports helps an organisation to measure the competencies and capabilities to visualize the opportunities and improvement required.
Reviews on KRA by Talentiro

Reviews on KRA (1 on 1’s)

The managers and employees should have a positive discussion finding the scope of improvements and having a better record of future actionable. Talentiro found a personalized approach to solve the kernel of a realistic performance management system.

Personalize the talent management for your company with a Smart KPI setting that defines the Key responsibilities of each employee. Managers can customize the employee’s KRA as required from time to time. Each KRA will be reviewed based on five predefined parameters. Talentiro reviews on KRA facilitate the employees self-review and managers review to eliminate the gap between the desired and actual performance of employees.

1-on-1s performance analysis space between the manager and employee is a key activity for the manager to directly impact the team’s spirit, productivity, morale, and engagement. The Performance review is no more a time-taking descriptive form that may lead to the biased review. Now with Talentiro, predefined parameters and clear KRA’s of an employee make the detailed performance review just a few clicks away.

Smart Goals & Objective Setting by Talentiro

Smart Goals & Objective Setting

Talentiro's Smart Goal & Objective setting tool assists your team by linking the OKR of every employee with the company's common goals that will give synergy influence in performance. Clarifying the OKR to each employee is a manager's responsibility, basis on which he can put accountability. Mapping goals to KRA will make a vision clear for an employee to perform and get accurate feedback. Helps Leaders to manage the performance of their team by assigning the tasks to the responsible person to achieve the organization's objective. Goals setting help the leader to a wider level monitoring of employee's success and growth.

Reviews on KRA by Talentiro

Project & Task Review

Getting review at every functional aspect or process of an organization is the basic purpose of Talentiro to get to you the real and continuous monitoring of performance. Employees need guidance and support in small areas, which are often taken casually or missed by management. Talentiro project and task management help managers and team members to manage work with sophisticated analysis and learning support.

Project & Task review develop a team spirit.

  • On-the-go feedback in every task makes working more confident, clear and managed.
  • Project Team will get the feedback individually on completion of the project from peers and managers helps in analyzing each member's performance and the overall project success.
  • Client's feedback on project changes in the way of doing business and ever-increasing requirement of customer satisfaction to sustain competition.
  • Project & task management equipped Managers to induce team-work spirit and individual growth and development of employees to get the best out of capabilities.
Reviews on KRA by Talentiro

Continuous Performance Management

Organizations having continuous performance Management systems are more productive than those who don’t have. Talentiro’s talent management system induces team spirit by letting employees understand their working with the continue review approach and finding new learning scope.Frequent reviews facilitating better control over employee performance and enhancing employee engagement, participation, and connection with the organization will ultimately foster efficiency and save time and resources.

How user-friendly and flexible it can be?

  • Continuous Performance appraisal is flexible for every level of employees and can be adopted monthly, weekly, quarterly, for different review categories. The annual or bi-annual appraisal process is the practice of old school now, and Continuous performance management is taking its place. Office professionals want to have Performance check-ins at least once a month.
  • Continuous performance analysis with weekly or daily timesheets, also task management to streamline the review process.
  • Review process become more reliable without leaving a scope of difference in point of view among employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Can I set my review frequency according to my organization requirement?

Yes, Review frequency is flexible with Talentiro and even different team can also set different kind of frequency for review.

? Can I take review from my clients with whom I am working?

Yes, Talentiro review platform will allow employee to take review from internal sources as well as external sources.

? What is new in Talentiro in comparison to other PMS?

Talentiro platform will allow employee to take actual review of performance and will give different kind of reports as per the requirement, it is predefined system and help employee to take review on predefine KRA, KPI and parameter set by the organization.

?Should I need to fill long subjective form for review?

No, you do not need to fill traditional review form, it’s a modern tool which allow employee to complete one review within 1-2 min because review is based on start-based review form.

? What is different kind of reporting with Talentiro?

Talentiro allow you customize your reporting requirement, create your own performance reports, performance charts and schedule the same reports as per the requirement of individual and business.