Smart Task & project management system

The smart task management system helps organizations not only to manage regular tasks but also help organizations for calculation of efficiency for the reparative tasks, a focus area for management to retain, calculation of operational cost – Task wise cost, project-wise cost, team-wise and employee wise cost for the organization.

The system also helps the organization to manage the regular task, create a standard task template for repetitive tasks and calculate effective timing to complete the activity or set of activities.

Alignment of tasks with a goal will help the organization set standards for a different goal.


Efficiency analysis


Costing analysis


Smart task board with
the standard template


Alignment with employee

Project management and control

Project management & control

better management of the project can help you for better management

  • Project budget and project cost analysis.
  • Management of team, documentation and project activity.
  • Project wise status and review.
  • Project reporting and analysis.
  • Project standard and checklist.
  • Project planning and control.
  • Project wise reporting and analysis.

Task management and reporting

Task management & reporting

better management of regular tasks can help you to boost your performance.

  • Daily to-do and task creation.
  • Alignment of daily task with project and employee goal.
  • Task board and task status.
  • Star based review and written feedback for each task.
  • Task documentation.
  • Task based reporting for employee and manager.
  • Analytical and comparative reporting for management.

Time sheet and costing analysis

Time sheet & costing analysis

Analysis of costing of different segments of operation can help management with better decision support.

  • Record of task sheet and time sheet.
  • Flexible timesheet submission: Daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Time and task management of the team.
  • Allocation of costing based on client/Project/Goal.
  • Team, department and organization level costing analysis.
  • Expected time v/s actual time analysis and comparison.
  • Timesheet wise reports for manager and management.

Task template and efficiency analysis

Task template & efficiency analysis

A better process and GEMBA management can help to analysis performance efficiency.

  • Employee task template for a repetitive task.
  • Goal wise task template.
  • Team-wise and project wise task template.
  • Efficiency analysis for a repetitive task.
  • Analysis of saving in operational costing due to gain in experience.
  • Analysis of Adding the cost of performance due to replacement of employee.
  • Analysis and comparative reporting for management.