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Uplift your productivity

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Engage manage and drive higher performance and employee engagement for your business with talentiro . Avail free services for 3 months

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 Uplift your productivity with Talentiro

We all are on the verge of a new era coming our way. A new way of working, meeting, and engaging with clients and employees. Digital Interaction
has become the need of the hour. As suggested by Septica capital, those organization and businesses are most likely to outcast this pandemic,
which is agile or the ones who adopt change quickly. But before one changes something, Comes a question of what is the reason to change.

Employee's Productivity

Employee Engagement

Work Delivery

Performance Review

About Us

Talentiro is a new age performance and team management software.
Merging traditional practices with modern technology and theories we provide a complete Human Resource software ensuring the growth of your organization along with a rewarding engagement tool that keeps your team motivated and committed towards the organization.

Remote working becomes easier

Talentiro provide the solutions
to enhance the productivity of
your organization

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 Uplift your productivity with Talentiro

FREE Services offered for 3 months

Complete Real-time performance
Management System.

Task & project management to keep a
record of your team’s activity handy.

Employee recognition & appreciation
platform to keep them motivated.

Company Review tool to showcase how
strongly you are fighting with the situation

Our Pricing

Avail FREE for 3 months

  • Task & Project Management
  • Employee Recognition & Appreciation
  • Complete Real Time Performance System
  • Client Management System
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Avail 30% discount for 12 months till 30th June

  • Task & Project Management
  • Employee Recognition & Appreciation
  • Complete Real Time Performance System
  • Client Management System
  • Company Review and Survey
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Client Review
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What all the feature are available for free?

Talentiro software is all about performance management system & review, key performance indicators, employee engagement, employee recognition & appreciation. You will have access to all these features.

How easy is the system to integrate?

Implementation process is very easy with us and we are providing the online training for implementation.

Is there any hidden cost?

No, we understand due to pandemic every business get effected. Its initiative from Talentiro to provide the free services for your organization to control task management & project management till the situation get better.

What kind of support you provide in free services?

There is no separate team for free services, company will get the support in every manner and we will ensure to get their problem solved on time.

Any feature that helps in customer services?

Yes, we have the client management, where organization can enhance their client services and provide them a great support.

If you have any question during your HRIS research, including whether or nor HRIS is the best option for your organization, feel free to give us a call! We’re happy to review your organization’s biggest needs and make a recommendation.