Employee Engagement System

It contains Employee Recognition, employee appreciation & endorsement, Events & information, Gamification, Celebrations.

Employee Engagement manifests motivation, the culture of empathy, and encouragement. A recent study claimed that employees with a constant motivation injection resulted in sixty-five percent more productivity and more satisfied.
Talentiro, with its gamification approach, created an engagement platform for employees, where they Recognize exponential efforts, appreciate the support and Endorse pro skills of each other. Employee Recognition, appreciation, and endorsement all in just a few clicks making the giver happy and the receiver motivated.
Talentiro also provides a platform to announce upcoming events and information to teams and organizations. This ensures everyone is updated with the latest information and process updates available to revisit throughout the year.
Attaching the aderline of rewards points & its value with the employees' engagement, Talentiro ensures a happy and enriched environment.

  • Motivation & Encouragement
  • Gamification & Fun Approach
  • Information, Collaborate & Celebration
  • Rewards points & cashback

Recognition appreciation & Endorsements

Recognition appreciation & Endorsements

When all work together & towards one common organizational goal, every little effort will be noticed & admired. Using Talentiro, employees can send recognition to their subordinates or peers for their achievements & productivity, motivating them to repeat and achieve more.

They can also appreciate efforts, help, and support provided by their managers, peers, or subordinates, showing empathy & thankfulness for other's input and contribution to their success. At Talentiro, we strive to create an environment where no effort will go in vain. With the Employee endorsement and engagement feature, employees can endorse the pro-skills of other employees. These engagements can be shared with teams and groups of people, letting everyone know about the employee's appreciation.

Recognize the achievements of an individual and notify everyone.

Appreciate efforts – Keep their employee motivation high.


Events, Information & announcements

Inform about upcoming events. Send invitation & team engagement information using the talentiro announcement. Within a few clicks, anyone in the organization can cascade information to all or a selected number of people. One can also attach a file, set a publish date, or set up events timings, and everyone will be notified about the event or update on the real-time basis. This feature enables employees to invite, send updates, or call each other to participate together.



Talentiro Celebration is an automated tool where Talentiro helps employees celebrate all happy moments together like a family.

With Celebration, Employee will get Birthday, Marriage anniversary, and work anniversary notification and they can send wishes to each other in just a single click.

Wishes from co-workers motivate employees to work more, as they feel valued & affirmation that their contribution towards the organization is recognized in their work area.



Gamification is a new fad in the corporates; to everyone’s surprise, it is an effective and powerful technique to collaborate and motivate employees towards achieving a common goal.

Talentiro has gamified its engagement to make it a playful and more fun manner. With every employee recognition, appreciation, and endorsement, the receiver will earn rewards points & the giver will also get a portion of points as cashback. The more one gives more the points one earns. The more one receives the acknowledgment, the more the earn. These points will be utilized as the top 5 employees of the company will get rewarded by Talentiro, and for each point, the organization can define a particular money value that employees can realize at the end of the year or quarter.
This gamified approach is tit for tat and makes it difficult for one to remain on the TOP.
Organization may awards employee with Top reward points


External Recognition from Talentiro

At every end of a financial year, Talentiro will provide an external recognition award to the organization's top 5 employees. The rewards will be given to the top 5 employees with the most rewards points earned in the company; this ensures all employees use the innovative system to the fullest and create a competitive and productive environment within the company.

The award will comply with a monetary benefit. This benefit helps in Employee recognition that will provide a playful benefit to the employees and motivate others to win a reward in the next quarter. Talentiro’s aim is to provide a complete performance tool. With our goal, we motivate employees to contribute to the fullest in the company.


Engagement Reporting

Employees can check the engagement level of themselves and their team, Using Talentiro Engagement Reports. These reports facilitate leaders to check engagement level, rewards points, & acknowledgments received and given by their team collectedly or individually. Reports encourage employees to give & receive more acknowledgment creating a competitive environment—finally, every employee working hard to gain.

  • Team-wise Rewards points. Top 10 Team in the organization.
  • Individual rewards points & acknowledgment received & given.
  • Periodic Trend of review received & given.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Employee engagement feature will help organization to recognize and motivate employee and at the same time it will help organization to retain best talent in organization.

No, this platform will use for internal recognition but based on agreement Talentiro will recognize few employees at external recognition platform through third party based on rewards points.

Every employee will get some default rewards points in wallet and at the time of recognizing and appreciating other employee within the organization some rewards points will be allotted to the person and based on highest rewards points there will be some rewards from Talentiro side at the end of the year.

Events and information will be use to circulate some information within the organization to the desire audience about some particular information and events.

Celebration feature is nothing , its just celebrating special day like birthday , anniversary and job anniversary within the organization and wishing the person from all around.