Employee engagement system

Engagement leads to collaboration between the teams. Study's have shown employees productivity increased 20 percent engagement tools since engaged employee feels motivated and enthusiastic. Talentiro's appreciation, recognition & celebration tool lets employee celebrate all their wins together and endorsement and ideation make them more work-centric.


Appreciation, Recognition & Endorsement

A dedicated platform where in just 3 clicks member may appreciate, recognize or endorse co-workers for their contribution, endeavour, skills or any small help and let everyone know that their contribution is valued. Easily CC people to acknowledge people in the team or across departments to motivate them to achieve heights. One can acknowledge other skills to show their value and others may learn the respective skills from them. Studies have shown praising people in public for their skills leads them to work more.


Celebrations, Event & Information

Celebrations are an important aspect of organizational development, we help you in maintaining the same. Talentiro portal provides updates about the happy moments in employees life across the organization so others can double up the joy of celebrations. Create Events & Informations and cascade it to whom it may concern, Set a timely reminder to let everyone know about the event or information. Set upcoming events and information.



We believe that you are working with gems in the organization. Every team member experiences the organization's offerings and has something to say about which can add more glory to what we deal in. Talentiro inspires the team and provides a platform to them for documenting & sharing their idea's and get easy approvals to implement. Talentiro's ideation is to bring every idea on the table.



Gamification of engagement is integral to apprehend the interactions. Every member of talentiro receive rewards points on every acknowledgement received or given. Top Points holder will receive awards & vouchers from talentiro to keep their boost of earning more points.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Employee engagement feature will help organization to recognize and motivate employee and at the same time it will help organization to retain best talent in organization.

No, this platform will use for internal recognition but based on agreement Talentiro will recognize few employees at external recognition platform through third party based on rewards points.

Every employee will get some default rewards points in wallet and at the time of recognizing and appreciating other employee within the organization some rewards points will be allotted to the person and based on highest rewards points there will be some rewards from Talentiro side at the end of the year.

Events and information will be use to circulate some information within the organization to the desire audience about some particular information and events.

Celebration feature is nothing , its just celebrating special day like birthday , anniversary and job anniversary within the organization and wishing the person from all around.