Virtual employee

In the world of digitalization, employee recognition is the key to employee motivation which helps the organization to boost productivity at the workplace.

With the feature of rewards points for each recognition, appreciation, and endorsement this tool help to create healthy internal competition with the team and within the organization.

This feature helps the organization to create a virtual environment of celebration for employee birthday, anniversary, and job anniversary, along with celebration employee engagement also help to create one to one meeting after each review and tracking of record of each meeting after review.


Internal and external




and rewards




Recognition, appreciation and endorsement

Recognition, appreciation & endorsement

A motivation is the best way to boost productivity.

  • Recognition from senior with recognition title.
  • Appreciation for work from peer and senior.
  • Endorsement of skill from team member.
  • Internal rewards point with each RAE.
  • Communication of RAE within the team / department /Organization.
  • Engagement level and engagement percentage.
  • Engagement based report.

Gamification and internal competition

Gamification & internal competition

A healthy internal competition can help your organization with better employee engagement.

  • Default rewards points for each designation.
  • Earn rewards point with each recognition, appreciation and endorsement.
  • Top employee based on reward point earned.
  • Rewards points summary and reports.
  • Cashback rewards points.
  • Internal competition within the team based on the reward points.
  • Reporting and analysis.

External recognition and rewards

External recognition & rewards

The best source of employee non-monetary motivation is external recognition.

  • External recognition of top employee by third party (Talentiro).
  • Rewards and gift for best employee by third party (Talentiro).
  • Alignment with the internal reward of the organization.
  • One free training session in a year on performance management by the expert.
  • Engagement and reward-based reporting.

Task template and efficiency analysis

Events, information & celebration

Creating environment for celebration help to create good culture.

  • Creating events within the organization.
  • Informing about the various kind of seminar and training.
  • Circulate information within the team about anything special.
  • Celebration of birthday, anniversary and job anniversary.
  • Free communication flow within the organization.