Work From Home
By Talentiro | 21 Mar 2020

Work from home - Concerns and measures to be taken

Are you facing the problem of monitoring and analyzing the performance in this “work from home” scenario? How do you keep the employees engaged and motivated? How to raise the productivity of the team?

Although we are a small team and there are no such commitments that we have to opt for work from home compulsorily, but we have taken up this initiative to facilitate our people staying at home. Our focus has always been on their well-being & keeping them safe. They are the ones who contributed and put all their efforts into making us great so it is our responsibility and commitment to ensure their safety. As we all know work from home is great but not as easy as we think. It can be challenging sometimes to allocating the tasks, arranging the meetings and monitoring the performance and keep track of what you have to do throughout the day. It's easy to lose their priorities, tasks deadlines and activities. Apparently, work from home affords many benefits such as increase performance, business continuity and achieve greater work-life balance.

TALENTIRO has the solution to cope up with these challenges and ensure the smooth functioning of our activities with great efficiency. To maintain the work-life balance, management skills have to be on point. With the right time management, we can make our work efficient, productive and relatively stress-free. We can get these things done easily with the help of a Task management system which makes our work more productive and less time-consuming. Adopting a SMART Performance management system, we can easily determine individual steps and keep their tasks on the proper track. This leads to the coordination of activities and maximizes the efficiency of individual efforts.

Employees can easily manage their hours in the best possible way and not face any consequences of missing deadlines and work imbalance. When things go as per the plans the employees tend to be happier and stress-free at home premises. In addition, making a to-do list and get into the habit of using the planner and keep track of their appointments and meetings can help in making task management & effective employee engagement. Also, we can conduct a strategic business review and SWOT analysis that brings better and quality end to the projects.

But when it comes to team management, the question arises in our mind how are we collaborating with our members? Now, we can naturally boost productivity and efficiency if we have the right communication software. We provide Team Management software whose main purpose is to help the team collaborate and communicate better. It gets easier to plan our day to day workflows, assign tasks that tend to better team management. With the help of team and task management tools, we'll able to see who's working on which project, share their work status, track progress and discuss important aspects. Tools such as performance management, employee management provide a modern way to evaluate the employee’s development and track their performance. It also offers a solution to increase employee engagement, motivation, and profitability. These tools offer consistent results, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve overall satisfaction. It’s all about what we need and what our employees need to work on their home premises. By choosing the solutions which are right for us, it is easier to get things done even improve overall efficiency and achieve the targets.


Kanchan Bajaj

Assistant Manager Business Development