Process Automation & Customize Tools

A Custom-made Project & Task Manager helps in the function of all management decisions, combining it with Client Management, Time Tracking, and Continues Feedback option, Talentiro offers a performance & project management system that can elevate your team’s productivity with no hassle.

Talentiro’s project management tool improves productivity, quality, and facilitates strategic decision-making, combining it with a task management tool that provides a space to track, input, and manage the daily task to achieve a project's set objectives. Together they a channel Team collaboration & Streamline Processes that promote harmony within the teams. Continuous feedback on each task & project ensures quality output and constant improvement; therefore, boost employee productivity and client’s success.


Project Management

One of the best project management tools is the one with the most customization options & provides analytical findings just as required, Talentiro’s project management is agile, and it can be easily amended as per client’s needs.

Talentiro created its project manager tools on the pretext of a performance-focused management platform that provides a thorough analysis of management into each project & also an excellent tool for self-performance improvement & findings.

The project can be divided into small tasks, which can be assigned to the team member; it further helps the manager & leads to track project progress even more precisely.

Talentiro Project Manager helps companies streamline processes and support findings performance gaps. With client review on each project, to individual & organization level, discover client needs & define the area of improvement for individual performance.


Task Management

Prioritize your work & manage everything at one place with Talentiro task management. It's easy usability and user-friendly UI will make you fall in love with the tool.

Each task will loop through review status, where a reviewer will rate the task and provide feedback to the assignee; this will ensure continuous employee performance improvement and employee feedback and making sure the employee didn't face any challenges while completing the task.

Talentiro’s Task Management, Sink Perfectly with project management together, build one project & task management to cater to all the needs .

Managers & leaders have to visibility to see subordinates' tasks, i.e., who is working on which part and what is the status of the task & due date; this creates transparency and visibility for leaders and management to manage each activity precisely.


Time Sheet

Talentiro strives to provide streamlined and automated Timesheet. A scheduler that is user friendly for employees to update and productive for managers to analyze. Each task will be tagged with an estimated time, actual time, and cost area that the task belongs to; This will help in driving multiple In-depth production reports, i.e., Effective time & estimated time analysis individually and team-wise, Effective time & cost spent on cost area (For ex – Reports creation).

The Timesheet can be utilize ed in multiple areas, such as Budgeting, Forecasting work, Decision making, Cost allocation, and cost analysis; these analyses will be just a few clicks away with Talentiro’s customize reporting.

Along with Timesheet, Talentiro derives actual cost for each project, either internal or client-based, using per hour employee cost; this will help organizations in budgeting and finding each project's effectiveness.


Client Manager

Proper management of clients is integral to every business. Talentiro’s Client Manager assists in creating clients, prepare projected budgets for projects, and post a viable plan in front of the client.
Track client projects with the project management tool and discovers all the project's status related to a particular client at one centralized place, ensuring process stability and customer-centric processes. Using Talentiro, employees can request a client review, helping management understand client needs and experience with the organization.

Taking client review was never such easier and authentic; within few clicks, management can request the client's feedback. Clients feel most valued when asked for feedback and improve long term relations; in return, you get automated client reports on how one works.


Client & Internal Project Budgeting & analysis

Revenue & Cost analysis is key before and after completion of a project. With Our Product Budgeting and Cost analysis feature, you can budget projected hours and projected costs and analyze it with actual cost. This can be done for both internal and external projects, ultimately improving future projection timings and expected revenue.
Use a strategically built Projects & Task management tool customized as per your requirements, and get budgeting and costing analysis for each part of your business, be in a cost area, or a complete project.
Using Talentiro, the client's total revenue, projected revenue, projected cost, and actual cost can be derived with customized options such as per project, per client, per period, and cost center. The reporting will guide actions and contribute as the backbone of every decision.


Project & Task Reporting

Talentiro creates more than 35+ reports, based on the project manager, task control, client handling, and process budgeting; the reports collectively creates an opportunity for in-depth analysis for each part of the process.

This facilitates decision making, managing, understanding of risk, and opportunity to discover hidden aspects. Automated reports like project list, project review, project status, project budget, and actual cost analysis. Project cost & revenue analysis and Project & task reports like a task list, task status, Expected hours, and effective hours analysis, daily, weekly and monthly timesheet.

  • Team Wise task Details
  • Employee Monthly Task Reports
  • Projects Completion Details
  • Projects Summary Details

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Yes, Review frequency is flexible with Talentiro and even different team can also set different kind of frequency for review.

Yes, Talentiro review platform will allow employee to take review from internal sources as well as external sources.

Talentiro platform will allow employee to take actual review of performance and will give different kind of reports as per the requirement, it is predefined system and help employee to take review on predefine KRA, KPI and parameter set by the organization.

No, you do not need to fill traditional review form, it’s a modern tool which allow employee to complete one review within 1-2 min because review is based on start-based review form.

Talentiro allow you customize your reporting requirement, create your own performance reports, performance charts and schedule the same reports as per the requirement of individual and business.