Process Automation & Customised Tools

With our Add on tools, Talentiro's help you analyze your company's performance from tools like client Management where you get insights of all your projects, cost per project, Cost per employee and Cost per Client and Exit survey where you get insights of what people think while leaving your company, why they leave, and how can your company can be a better employer. By all these features our Aim is to empower you to provide a seamless experience to your client and your employees collaboratively.


Client Manager

Delivering excellent services is capturing more clients, but maintaining client is equally important success factor. Concentrate your customer maintaining their data and analyzing that what business you make with them, the cost to the company and the profiteering analysis helps you in taking business decisions like pricing, maintaining delivery time, budgeting inventory and monetary.

Client satisfaction is basically the core area to care about, take client reviews for your services and get prepared for better services and support.


Organization Chart

Hierarchy chart helps in positioning, promoting and teamwork analysis in an organization. A short note staff information matrix available that provides an overview of employee’s reporting managers built accountability and responsibility.


Exit Surveys

Want feedback from those who are going to be the exit from the organization? Record experience, learning and exposures of employees leaving the organization, it also helps in knowing the reason for their exit and helps in maintaining employee turnover ratio.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Yes, Review frequency is flexible with Talentiro and even different team can also set different kind of frequency for review.

Yes, Talentiro review platform will allow employee to take review from internal sources as well as external sources.

Talentiro platform will allow employee to take actual review of performance and will give different kind of reports as per the requirement, it is predefined system and help employee to take review on predefine KRA, KPI and parameter set by the organization.

No, you do not need to fill traditional review form, it’s a modern tool which allow employee to complete one review within 1-2 min because review is based on start-based review form.

Talentiro allow you customize your reporting requirement, create your own performance reports, performance charts and schedule the same reports as per the requirement of individual and business.