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Why Talentiro

Distinctive Performance

Synergic performance management is new success story, reviewing organization & its people are crucial in mapping growth.

Creating Brands
With Talentiro

Talentiro partners with and helps in developing organizations brand building & employees career branding.

Boost Productivity
& Growth

A unique Real-time collaborative Performance Management System improve employee performance.

Get Insight
Before Hiring

Talentiro brings to your business a reference link to have insight to the authentic performance score & progress bar of candidates.

Performance Management System

Performance Management System

Talentiro Performance Management System is conceived because we firmly believe in the power of regularly addressing Current Performance and Developing People Skills for the future. Intrinsic to the growth and success of an organization is in having a performance review inbuilt into the working process of the company with the same intent. The absolute Performance management is possible with 360-degree feedback, taking reviews from the team you worked with, the reporting manager, the clients you worked for, based on accurate parameters linked to KRA of employees.

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KOPI and related goals..

Shape Key Operation and Performance Indicator (KOPI) of employee and define the goals for achieving the KOPI, helps in reviewing and analyzing the performance directly to the work.

Customized PMS..

Customized performance reviews, as per the company's structure and culture, also allows taking event, time, or project reviews.

Smart & quick review..

Reviewing employees now just a few clicks away with predefined parameters linked to the KRA of employees. Making

Personal & company growth..

Talentiro’s smart PMS is focused on employee's personal development align with Company growth.

Employee Engagement and Recognition tool

Employee Engagement and Recognition Tool

Talentiro’s Employee Engagement and recognition tool are based on the premise that a well-brought-up employee engagement system improves productivity, where recognition motivates people towards higher performance and permanence within an organization. Research supports our belief, that Corporates having high employee engagement where people share experience providing continuous guidance, show twice the innovation, double customer satisfaction, and 25% higher profits vis-a-vis corporates that don't.

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Embed Culture..

Engagement develops a culture within the company that integrates employee and creates a supportive environment which avoids conflicts.

Recognition & more..

Recognition from managers or peers, endorsement & appreciation recorded in employees profile support career growth & motivates them to a level beyond.

Boost Performance..

The permanent record of performance, reward, and recognition supports career growth and boosts employees to perform more diligently and sincerity.


Gamification for Employee engagement; earn points- get perks and make engagement more interesting and candid.

Company Review System

Company Review System

Company review is a process to measure Organization values and Operational Efficiency that influence the well-being and performance of the employee. Talentiro company review adds a client survey with an employee survey to get a 360-degree view of company performance. Client survey is about customer satisfaction contemplating professionalism in providing services and other parameters basis the company wants to be reviewed and Identify the scope of Improvement for better services. End-to-end company values develop with employee- ownership culture that supports team-spirit and retention. The company ought to know the employee’s expectation and their happiness quotient there. With Talentiro's Review API, Reviews & Feedback received from clients and employees can be used for branding & authorized testimonials on the company website and other platforms.

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Review from clients

Talentiro portal facilitates taking authenticated reviews from Authorized clients drives Talentiro client ratings can be shared at the diffident platform for brand building.

Review from employees

Employee reviews help in creating a better culture and motivate employees by engaging them in developing company esteem.

Reinforce Values

Improve company values continuously by carrying required changes, on reviews taken from clients as well as employees.

API integration for promotion

API helps the organization to share real company reviews from the whole team and clients to cascade the impact of few negative/ fake reviews on social platforms.

Process Automation & Customised Tools

Process Automation & Customize Tools

Talentiro business process automation inbuilt performance management in a way to accomplish workflow synchronizing people, processes, and tools. It allows for a more efficient allocation of resources. Our basic and essential automation tools are flexible that can be personalized by the users, Talentiro also provides with on-demand tools as per the requirement of the company. Talentiro Web-based portal serves you with data storage, remote access, and single-window management of people, process, client, and branding in a very cost-effective manner, that helps in the growth and success of the company.

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Project & Task manager..

Agile project management with critical path analysis from planning to tracking to formal closure. Simple & smart allocation of tasks with personal work management.

Core HR Tools..

Streamline HR management from hire to retire. Acquiring talent by referring to the Talentiro profiles, manage administration with various HR tools.

Customized on-demand..

The purpose is to reduce human efforts with e-solutions, designed specifically for your company, and sync every part of the workflow to the automation.

Processes linked to Performance..

All the processes in the workflow inbuilt with the performance management to tally credibility in every activity an employee performs.

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