Work from Home Perspective
By Talentiro | 28 Mar 2020

WFH (Work from Home) How you can be more responsible - Talentiro perspective

Recently we have been talking to clients, Investors and our employees over Zoom and telephone calls. One significant thing we see is behaviour change.

Obvious now the situation due to COVID19 is difficult, we are facing heavy cost pressure yet it means this is an opportunity for us to tighten the loose end, identify the slippages, gaps, and wastage in every aspect of our operations, etc. It is in this situation we have to protect our personal and organizational integrity. Every employee has to show that he is responsible for holding

  • The company provided assets (laptop, data card, mobile, etc)

  • Time spent at the home office does not mean non-supervised time

  • Go even more extra mile to serve the clients by assuring them of proactive support

  • Submit the actual time worked as Timesheets (#Talentiro Timesheet module is the simplest)

  • Honour commitments to your line manager for activities planned

  • Help teammates with tasks by taking up tasks in your free time

  • Spend that extra hour with family at home without phones and internet

  • Last but not least dig your notebook and call your old clients whom you might not have contacted for years and ask if they are safe and need any help.

Customers remember your courtesy and support during these troubled times and you would be rewarded as soon as the business turns back to normal. Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam (former Indian President and renowned Scientist) says - To become 'unique' the challenge is to fight the hardest battle which anyone can imagine until you reach your destination Hence this is our chance to become unique, trustworthy and prove the best of creativity.

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