Mental-health blog
By Talentiro | 30 Mar 2020

How can companies support employee mental health in this critical situation?

BCP, which is a critical situation for all the organizations that is challenging and isolating for all the employees. Companies now have the biggest responsibility to set employee's expectations and to make sure employees are not getting mentally impacted in prioritizing their work.

Employees are surrounded by severe mental stress that impacts them physically as well as mentally at job place due to unstructured workload, not getting promoted due to office politics, manager biasness, and fear of losing a job, which is leading to anxiety, headaches, depression and negative thoughts and feelings.

Mental health is a growing concern in the workplace as it impacts businesses, which leads to a loss in productivity and absenteeism.

When employees are healthy and engaged, they are more likely to be satisfied and productive at work, and this is “what TALENTIRO is all about.”

TALENTIRO is a web-based platform that allows users to manage their daily work routine and set-up tasks for individual employees and tracks those tasks until their completion. This software provides a list of features like employee engagement, performance management system, and organization review, and add-on tools.

Below are the mentioned points where managers can support employee mental health and create a safe environment through the Talentiro portal.

1. Create an open culture for suggestions and real-time feedback-

Talentiro allows users to provide reviews for the employee, peers, managers, and clients through a 360-degree multi-rater review system which helps users to identify performance and behavior gaps.

2. Continuous survey about the organization-

Taking regular surveys from employees as feedback about the organization makes them feel that the organization is concerned for its employees and is becoming employee-centric.

3. Employee engagement-

Managers can involve employees in distress engagement activities like socialize, work communication, celebrations, appreciations, occasions like birthdays events, rewards, and recognition programs, which makes employees extrovert, confident, and more focused toward their personal and professional goals.

4. Employee recognition and rewards-

Managers who use performance reviews effectively can identify more easily identity high or low performing employees and provide refreshers or training to employees to grow for their future goals.

5. Help in building individual branding-

- It makes the culture healthy when employees get recognized with the appreciation or recommendations. Talentiro gives them an opportunity to carry their performance badge forever so that they can build themselves as a Brand.

6. Performance review and feedback of work on a continuous basis-

Monitoring and evaluating employee performance on an ongoing basis helps the employee to stay more consistent.
Hence, TALENTIRO helps to provide transparent feedback and enables an employee to track their goals. It is a platform designed for employees for their engagement and tracking performance regularly as per company standards.
Lastly, when employers create a culture that supports mental health, workers are more than twice as likely to say they love their job.