By Talentiro | 1 Mar 2020

Dilemma In Explicit

Thomas Jefferson once said “I find that the harder I work, Thomas Jefferson once said “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have,” so true! Same happens with the organizations, the better the performance, better the excellence in service.

Problem arises with organisation in stating direction and identifying the improvement sectors! here comes the “why-question”? rather than finding what and how, first let’s come to know why!! Why and where the improvement is required. There are 0.01% people who knows, what they don’t know, other 0.99% people believe that there is something about what they don’t know, the remaining 99% people actually don’t know, what they don’t know.

A frequent review of performance system, is the best answer to the “why question”? when the people around us, we are working with, review/acknowledge our performance and give feedback on different parameter, we can identify and analyse the improvement sectors in our performance. which is called a 360-degree review system.

Evaluating the performance is a half cycle, now the next step is required one for good performance reviews and another for bad review. Having good reviews you must go to penetrate more opportunities or improve further to next level and set new bench mark, or the other way roundit’s good to have bad or negative reviews, it’s important to come to know the area we are lacking on, you got the idea where you need to work on to improve.

The result of our efforts for improvement will be visible only when our customers get satisfied for our services, and refer you further for more business, this is ultimately a brand building. All other efforts for brand building will never have lasting effect then to give your clients a satisfied service, as we get understand above, performance and a continuous improvement in our working and working culture and professionalism in every respect for internal and external environment is an ultimate success factor.