By Talentiro | 28 Mar 2020

"AI in Performance Management"​

"Talentiro research on AI in Performance Management" Commonly many organisation uses the forced comparison method for performance appraisals. This is bitter and often depends on the supervisor. The question remains how to fair and remove that bias. To remain impartial is extremely challenging for the supervisor/manager. The AI algorithms come into matter as an important use case.


Talentiro suggests few important things here - Data is the key, and make use of the data to derive meaningful outcome. The question then stays what data- how to use the data and inferences. Appraisals need to happen as per pre-defined and agreed set of KPI and KRAs, where there should be clarity for the same between reviewer and reviewee. The KRAs will have to defined using pattern analysis of workforce culture, industry domain, skills available and required. These complex set of data are to be structured and algorithms make a meaningful result to arrive at a most attainable KRA that employee is likely to succeed. Deriving such KRAs is where AI helps and educating the employee on such KRAs is human part. Prediction of outcomes is more authentic as the organisation would clearly know if the employee will be achieving those KRAs. AIs can drive better performance management and motivated employees or in setting achievable goals for employees.

TALENTIRO has the solution to cope up with these challenges and ensure the smooth functioning of our activities with great efficiency. To maintain the work-life balance, management skills have to be on point. With the right time management, we can make our work efficient, productive and relatively stress-free. We can get these things done easily with the help of a Task management system which makes our work more productive and less time-consuming. Adopting a SMART Performance management system, we can easily determine individual steps and keep their tasks on the proper track. This leads to the coordination of activities and maximizes the efficiency of individual efforts.

Talentiro is looking for partners in getting nearer to this vision of motivated employees and managed performance appraisals. Talentiro is setting new benchmarks how to even better manage performance in new and lean way through centralized performance review and management tool.